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Quite large number of industrial units manufacturing cement, textile, engineerill goods and glass, mostly located along the G.T. Road exist in Attock. Some of the significal units are as under :


1.     Lawrencepur Woollen & Textile Mills, Lawrencepur;

2.     Burhan Woollen Mills, Burhan;

3.     Sohail Flour Mills, Hattian;

4.     AI-Khalid Flour Mills, Lawrencepur;

5.     Attock Flour Mills, Hattian;

6.     Darya Flour Mills, La wrencepur;

7.     Shama Flour Mills, Lawrencepur;

8.     Campbellpur Flour Mills, Attock City;

9.       Live flying Gas Private Mills, Attock City;

10.   Fon Gas Filling, Dhural ;

11.   P.S.O Gas, Dhurnal;

12.   Pakistan Oil Field Limited, Khaur;

13.   Sui Southern Gas, Dhurnal;

14.   Life Lime Gas Private Limited, Meyal;

15.   Fon Gas Filling Meyal;

16.   Burshane Gas Filling Plant, Meyal;

17.   Attock Textile Mills, land;

18.   Famous Flour Mills, Pind Sultani;


    Besides Kamra Aeronautical Complex and Sanjwal Ordinance Factories are located in the district and nave provided employment opportunities to The local residents besides providing defence equipment, services and ammunition to Pakistan Army an Force.



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