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Building Bye-Laws


WHEREAS under section 196(1)(iii) of Punjab Local Government Ordinance, 2001, All Metropolitan Corporations, Municipal Corporations, District Councils, Municipal Committees, Town Committees and Union Councils created under Punjab Local Government Ordinance 1979 shall stand dissolved.


AND WHEREAS the rural area and urban area merged to form a Municipal Committee for the convenience of the Public and to avoid discrimination.


AND WHEREAS the circumstances exist which render it necessary to take immediate action to formulate “Building and Land Use Control Bye Laws, 2002, Municipal Committee, Attock.


NOW THEREFORE, in exercise of the powers under section 116,118, 141-147, 192, Second, Forth, Fifth and Sixth Schedule of the Punjab Local Government Ordinance 2001 and all other powers like Section 54 of the ibid Ordinance, etc, enabling it in that behalf, the Municipal Committee, Attock is pleased to make and promulgate the “Building Bye Laws, 2002, Tehsil Attock, in suppression of all previous byelaws, notifications, memos, orders etc. of all Municipal Committees, Town Committees, Zila Council and Union Councils, in its jurisdiction...








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